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The Ultimate Asian Wedding Checklist: Holiday Inn Brentford Lock

Every wedding requires a lot of planning. But traditionally, Asian weddings are a larger deal. A bigger guest list, detailed and elaborate decorations, and different rituals and ceremonies. With the right planning and preparation though, you can pull together an incredible celebration even without a dedicated wedding planner. No Asian wedding is the same. The term covers so many cultures and religions, but Holiday Inn Brentford Lock has been home to some stunning weddings over the years, so we’re well aware of the steps necessary to pull off your big day.

We’ve put together the essential checklist for planning the perfect wedding.

Create a budget 

The first step to planning a wedding is working out your budget. How will you be able to decide whether you can have 20 guests or 150 unless you know how much money you have to spend on locations, catering, and more? Work out how much you’re prepared to spend before you start jumping into the next steps.

Work on a guest list 

So now you know how many people you can afford to invite it’s time to decide how many people you actually want at your wedding. While all Asian weddings differ, the guest list is usually somewhat larger than other weddings. That’s why it’s important to get this down early before you continue on to look at venues.

Plan a theme or colour palette 

To plan the perfect wedding you have to decide on a theme or colour palette early, this will impact every decision you make going forward from the venue, to the flowers, to the outfits. So take some time and have fun with it. Pinterest is full of wedding inspiration if you’re stuck on ideas, as is Instagram. Check out our Brentford Lock Instagram to see what weddings we’ve hosted in the past!

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Find a location 

When it comes to location, there are plenty of wedding venues across the UK to choose from. With a large guest list and plenty of activities then you’ll have to find a large enough event space to host your big day. A large banquet hall is perfect for this or a large-scale event space. For Asian weddings, a large open space is perfect – especially if you’re bringing in your own caterers and decorators. There are wedding venues that will provide in-house services but usually, the menus are restrictive and you’re given limited options in terms of decor and entertainment. That’s why a large space you can make your own would be perfect for this!

Book your officiant

How you get married is up to you. But most legal weddings require an officiant. For your ideal wedding, you want to hire an officiant who fits your needs. There are various officials who specialise in multicultural weddings including toastmasters and licensed officiants from your culture and heritage. Whatever you need, make sure you’re comfortable with them being such an important part of your journey.

Choose your dream team 

For your big day, you might decide you want a wedding party on hand to help with the details and support you as you enter the next phase of your life. It’s not an easy job but hopefully, you have people in your life who are happy to step into those shoes. Some Asian weddings (especially Indian weddings) are known for their large size – including that of the bridal party. Bridesmaids in these weddings have many duties so it’s important to choose your team wisely. They’ll help you prepare, coordinate, get ready on the day, take over the Joota Chupai rasam, and more.

Source your catering 

With lots of guests, you’ll have lots of mouths to feed. Many wedding venues in the UK won’t be able to cater for Asian weddings due to limited menu options so bringing in your own caterer is a great idea to ensure you can craft the menu you’ve been dreaming of.

Pick your outfits 

From cheongsam to nikkah, Asian wedding attire is vast and offers endless options. We won’t detail all your options in this blog post, but we’d advise you to think about preparing your attire at this point. If you’re having your bridal or groom attire specifically made and tailored to you, leaving a few months between this point and the wedding date is a great idea in case alterations need to be made. It’s the biggest day of your life – let your imagination run wild and make sure you look your best.

Book your entertainment, photographer, and florist 

Next up are suppliers. The details and decor are key to transforming a standard space into the wedding of your dreams. Why not take a look at our recent blog on Design Ideas for Asian Weddings in 2024 to see what’s on trend?

Booking your musicians, dancers or any other entertainment ensures that they’re available on your special day and takes one less thing off your plate. Ensuring you have a photographer ready to capture special memories will mean that your guests can put their phones away and truly enjoy the day. Floral decorations are essential and the bigger the better.

Sort the details of the day 

For large-scale events, we’d always recommend getting in touch with a coordinator. A wedding coordinator will be in charge of ensuring that set-up is correct and that suppliers are on-site when needed. They’ll handle communications with the venue, letting you sit back and get ready for your big day. Professionals in this industry have the experience and expertise to execute your dreams.

If you’re starting to plan your perfect Asian wedding then get in touch with Holiday Inn Brentford Lock. We have an incredible blank canvas of a venue at the waterside. Why not make use of our waterside location and make a grand entrance by boat? Or look out over the beautiful setting? Brentford can help elevate your special day beyond your wildest dreams. Plus, with such a great open space, you can decorate it your way, meaning each event held in our event space will be totally unique. Get in touch today to see what we can make happen for you:


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