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Summer Staycation: Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary in Brentford

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, Holiday Inn London Brentford Lock makes the perfect place to rest your head. Located less than an hour from central London and just 33 minutes from famous Notting Hill (a must-visit for any romantic), Holiday Inn Brentford Lock is ideal for a trip to the big city without the hustle and bustle.  Perched on the river Brent, enjoy the green spaces around you and the stunning surroundings as you spend quality time with your loved one. No matter if you’re dropping by to celebrate your 1st, 5th, or 50th anniversary, we’ve got you covered.  


Your 1st Anniversary in Brentford - Promenade and picnic   

When it comes to your first anniversary you might think your only options are drinks and dinner. But why not try something a little bit more memorable? Make the most of the great weather this summer and take a walk along the river Brent before ending with an adorable picnic. Grab your blankets, picnic basket, and an array of your favourite treats for an anniversary that will be as memorable and unique as your partner is.  

With a laid-back vibe this gives you the opportunity to reflect on your first year together and share fond memories as you stroll hand in hand. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning views as you walk. The recent attention that’s been paid to conservation on the area has helped to support the diverse wildlife who call this home – so if you’re partial to some bird watching, then you’re in luck. The Brent Reservoir is a Site of Special Scientific Interest that allows you to spot a variety of wetland birds like little grebes and willow warblers.  


Your 5th date in Brentford - Rent a boat in Brentford   

When it comes to a five year anniversary, it’s time to make a splash. To celebrate your commitment to each other and the time you’ve spent together, why not do something memorable? Rent a private boat and cruise along Grand Union Canal for an anniversary adventure like no other. Located on Brentford River Lock, Holiday Inn Brentford Lock is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking to rent a boat.  

If you’ve never hired a narrowboat before, it’s sure to be a notable way to spend your anniversary. Explore the area and try something new with your partner.  


Your 50th Anniversary in Brentford - Treat your loved one to wine tasting  

While the UK might not be infamous for its wineries or vineyards, Brentford can be a real treat for lovers of an occasional tipple. The area has some incredible venues, unlike any you’d find elsewhere in the UK. Spend an evening with your loved one over a bottle or two and reminisce about your time together. After 50 years, the conversation is sure to flow as you explore treasured memories.  

We especially recommend Plonkers – a novel bar with a retro design. You can find Plonkers Wine Bar in Brentford House. If you’re looking for an informal approach to wine tasting, try their Wine Club tasting Night. With a different theme each night, a guided tasting tour of four premium wines, and individual cheese boards, it’s a total treat.  

For an extensive wine list accompanied by a delicious dinner, you have to head to Sam’s Waterside. Their offerings are extensive so be sure to check out their star picks – or just head straight to the bubbles with a bottle of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs NV to toast 50 years of joy.  

Lovers of ale won’t be neglected on their anniversary trip to Brentford either. The Black Dog Beer House is a beer lover’s dream with their very own in-house brewery (fearless Nomad) and 14 keg lines.  

Spend treasured time together with a trip to Holiday Inn London Brentford Lock. Book your special getaway now and treat your special person to a time they’ll treasure forever.  



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