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Design Ideas For Asian Weddings In 2024

Asian Weddings are a beautiful celebration of love, often honoured through beautiful colours, plenty of florals and a large guest list of those who want to mark the occasion with the happy couple. Before we dive into some of the gorgeous design ideas and trends for Asian weddings for 2024, it is important to recognise that no two Asian weddings are the same. Acknowledging the cultural background of the wedding will influence some of the design ideas, the newlyweds could be from a variety of backgrounds, including North Indian, South Indian and Punjabi. This blog post, however, will showcase some more generalised design ideas that can add a touch of luxury to a plethora of Asian weddings.


Mandaps often play a central role in Asian weddings. Mandaps, in case you aren’t already aware, are a platform where the soon-to-be-married couple sit during the ceremony. This tradition is not simply for visual effect, the mandap represents a symbolic boundary between the sacred and the secular and is thought to have betoken the world of gods. The style of your mandap reflects your theme and personal style. Traditionally, these ceremonial structures were made from wood, although in recent years there has been a move towards these being more design-led through draping, flowers and crystals. 

There is an abundance of different ways that you can style your mandap. You can lean into the more organic, nature-driven choices through whimsical floral branches, cherry blossoms and leafy greens. On the other hand, you can easily add a touch of glamour by adorning your mandap with golden decorations and red roses. It is important, however, to have the embellishment of your mandap be in line with the rest of your theme. You wouldn’t want a pastel wedding theme to clash with a dark, purple mandap!

A traditional Asian mandap


The Venue 

The design choices for your Asian wedding in regards to the venue itself can often feel like some daunting decisions. Instead of worrying over the fine details to start with, which we will come back to, it can help to first choose a theme for your ceremony. The season in which you are getting married can help you to decide your theme, many people want to align their design with the time of year. 


Spring offers an incredibly popular time of year to get married. The temperature is often mild, the sun is regularly shining and many guests are more available to attend. The colour pallet that represents this season spectacularly is pastels. These soft hues complement the time of year perfectly. From daffodils, roses and hyacinths to tulips, there is a range of flowers that work well. 


During the summer months, people often opt for soft hues, much like during Spring. Nevertheless, bold colours work better for this time of year. Despite the more unpredictable nature of the weather here in the UK, you have a high chance of getting a gloriously sunny day, perfect for those photos outside! Peonies, begonias, delphiniums, daisies and geraniums are lovely flower choices that fit a Summer wedding well.

Asian Wedding Gold Table Arrangement


Autumn paves the way for a much darker colour scheme and if you want a wedding theme that aligns well with nature, then an Autumn wedding calls your name. For a much cosier option, during these months you can celebrate with gold accents, leafy greens and low-lights that will accentuate the beauty of your venue and give you that extra snug vibe! Think dark greens and berry colours.


Gold and ivory are your go-to colour scheme for Winter. If you are lucky, the outside of your venue will be blanketed with snow. Winter Asian weddings can look especially regal and ornamented as the simpler colour scheme allows for more space to add extra accents in the space. Green eucalyptus, gardenia and hypericum are lovely choices for your floral displays.

The Fine Details

The finer details are just as important as the main theme of the wedding. Asian Weddings often dedicate a lot of venue space for beautiful flowers. Rather than just having vases on the tables, although these are important, you can add an extra dimension to the space through detailed flower walls and floral ceilings. These options create a show-stopping factor but easily blend in with your theme. Creating unforgettable and romantic tables for your guests is also vital, candelabras on tables, reception centre-pieces and smaller flower balls can help to thread your theme throughout the entire venue.

Brentford Lock Venue

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