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9 Tips for An Amazing Asian Wedding

Planning a dream wedding, particularly an Asian wedding, requires plenty of time to plan and meticulous attention to detail. Notoriously, Asian weddings are known for their luxury, grandeur and scale – with anywhere between 200-500 guests attending.

At our hotel in Brentford – Holiday Inn Brentford Lock, we have the perfect Asian wedding venue The Waterfront. Over the years, we’ve hosted and planned many extraordinary Asian weddings. During this time, we’ve picked up lots of great tips to ensure we perfectly match your vision for your dream wedding.

Here are our 9 tips on how to make your Asian wedding amazing:


1. Start planning early

You don’t want to feel like you’re rushing your wedding details, especially not your guest list – we all know how tricky this is, so give yourself plenty of time.

Start planning your wedding well in advance. We recommend giving yourself at least 12 months. If possible, extending your planning period to 14 months provides even more leeway to meticulously plan every detail of your special day. An early start will only help alleviate the stress that comes along with wedding planning.


2. Decide on a budget

Let’s be honest, weddings are expensive, with Asian weddings costing upwards of £50,000.

To manage this, first establish your maximum budget. Delve into all the details – such as calculating the cost per guest. Carefully consider your finances in alignment with what both you and your partner – and potentially your families – find feasible.

Consider creating a detailed spreadsheet that breaks down all potential expenses, from venue, catering and attire, to decorations, photography and entertainment. This will help you see where your money is going and identify areas where you can possibly cut costs or splurge a bit more, depending on what’s important for you.

It’s also a good idea to set aside a contingency fund within your budget. Unexpected costs can, and often do, arise during the planning of a wedding. Having approximately 5-10% of your total budget reserved for unforeseen expenses will provide a financial cushion and reduce stress as your big day approaches.


Asian wedding aisle

3. Choose a fun theme

Some may find wedding themes a bit over the top, or too much hassle to plan. But if done in the right way, carefully planned themes can add an extra element of fun in your Asian wedding, making it even more unforgettable.

Choose a theme that reflects the personalities of you both and keep it easy to follow. For instance, a theme idea could be a Bollywood-inspired wedding. Picture this, Bollywood dancers and performers creating a lively atmosphere captivating your guests.

Explore Bollywood wedding ideas further here.


4. Include an element of surprise

Bringing in an element of surprise will add that extra fun touch to your wedding.

Sticking with the Bollywood theme, you could hire a professional Bollywood choreographer to get your friends and family up on the dance floor, dancing in sync with one another.


5. Give out wedding favours

Give your guests wedding favours, they’ve come to celebrate with you, so they’ll appreciate a little treat to remember your big day by.

Tying in your culture or theme into your wedding favour will add that extra personal touch, making your celebration even more memorable.

Here’s a few wedding favor ideas:

Mini tea set 

Gift your guests a mini tea set with a few sachets of your culture’s traditional teas. 

Sandalwood fans 

These intricately carved fans not only provide a cooling function during a warm outdoor (or indoor) ceremony, but also make for a stunning decorative keepsake.

Silk pouches 

Small silk pouches or bags in vibrant colours filled with assorted sweets or nuts.


6. Get creative with your wedding cake

Your wedding cake is more than just a dessert, it’s the centerpiece that can capture the essence of your celebration.

For an Asian wedding, think outside the traditional tiered cake and opt for something that symbolically represents your culture and personality. You could choose a cake designed with intricate henna-like designs or one that features motifs, such as cherry blossoms, peonies or even koi fish.


7. Serve mocktails instead soft drinks

Offering a selection of tasty mocktails instead of the usual (or as well as) lineup of soft drinks can elevate the guest experience significantly.

Mocktails have a sophisticated touch to them that complements the celebratory mood of your wedding. Offer flavours that can match your theme or cultural background.

Some of our personal favourite flavours to include in a mocktail are lychee, jasmine, or tamarind.


8. Show off your culture

Throughout this blog, we have suggested ways you can incorporate your culture into your wedding. That’s because an Asian wedding is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and showcase your rich cultural heritage.

Incorporate traditional music, dance and attire into your wedding to make it truly stand out. Consider hosting traditional ceremonies like the Indian Sangeet or Mehndi, or include Chinese tea ceremonies as part of the event.

These elements not only honour your roots but also give guests a deeper appreciation and experience of your culture. Don’t shy away from educating guests about the significance of various customs – it can make the event even more engaging and meaningful.


9. Pick the perfect location and venue

Choosing the right location and venue is crucial in setting the right tone for your Asian wedding.

Ensure the venue you choose can comfortably accommodate your guest list and has the necessary facilities to host the various elements of your wedding, from dining to entertainment, and even traditional rituals.

At Holiday Inn Brentford Lock, our venue The Waterfront is designed to accommodate large, lavish Asian weddings. The scenic views of the lock make a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos, while the versatile space can be transformed to suit any theme or decoration style you envision.

Find out more about our Asian wedding venue here.




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